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el sargento to punta gorda


3 days, 2 nights


20C (April)


14 km round trip


fin whale, manta spectacle at night




Starting from where the end of the road gives way to a cobblestone beach, it is roughly a 2 km jaunt across productive boulder fields that parallel a foot trail (Punta Gorda) to arrive at the first camp in an arroyo that features flat soft sand spots for a number of tents in front of a sandstone cliff with miniature caves carved out by years of wind erosion.


From this point, the land trail abruptly ends and you find yourself swimming alongside rocky cliffs over large coral heads and rocky reef for about 4 kilometers until coming to a much larger arroyo with approximately 600 meters of beachfront which makes it a good resting spot. There is a compound situated at the north end of the beach with a full-time caretaker on site with a pack of large but seemingly nice dogs. Continuing past the beach and another 500 meters around a point you will find a small, isolated beach that we used for camping night number 2. 

Lessons learned / recommendations:


  • Always bring extra water

  • Groups of jellyfish can pop up out of nowhere, having full-body layers is helpful

Take a closer look:

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