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We share the same passion for the ocean and are constantly searching for adventures that connect us with nature and people. We love any activity that gets us in the water - from surfing, to freediving, to kite surfing, SCUBA diving, to spearfishing, to swimming (obviously), and others. Recently, Frank had a wacky idea of setting out on a 3-day camping trip to swim 14 km (round trip) in one of our favorite parts of Baja, near La Ventana. Secretly, he had also planned this as an engagement trip-talk about bold/knowing your partner! but that’s a whole other story - let's just say that things worked out and wedding plans are in the mix. 

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For now, all you need to know is that since that first trip we have become obsessed with swimpacking. Of course that trip was magical for obvious reasons, but it wasn't only about the special occasion, but about the numerous up-close encounters with marine life, the heart-meltingly kind people we met along the way, the downtime on an isolated beach with no schedule, the intensity of emotions and sensations as we set out to try something new and finally the surreal feeling of returning back to civilization and realizing that there would be no way to truly capture the entirety of the experience. 

We built this site out of love for this sport and with the dream of building out a community of people crazy enough to join us. We hope you enjoy the content and get inspired to embark on your own journey and someday join us for a swim down in Baja. 


With Love and Gratitude,

Frank & Mariana

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